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Traditional Paintings

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Still Life          Landscapes     Portrait/Figure

  Mixed Media           Abstract     Contemporary     Encaustics

Still Life Paintings

Oil     24" X 18"

"The Silver Pitcher"
Oil   20" X 16"


"Tuscan Summer"
Oil     12" X 12"

"In Harmony"
Oil     16" X 20"

   14" X 11"
Oil on Belgian Linen

Oil   18" X 24"

Oil   14" X 11"

Oil   20" X 16"

"Flight of the Dragon"
Oil     16" X 20"

Oil    24" X 30"


"The Golden Hour"
Oil   20" X 16"


"Summer's End"
Oil   11" X 14"

"Just Lilies"
Oil   14" X 11"

"White Oleanders"
Oil   20" X 16"



"Autumn in the Air"
Oil   12" X 16"

"Sun Drenched"
Oil   12" X 16"

"Coastline Sketch"
Oil   9" X 12"


"Koi Dreams"
Oil   30" X 24"

"Back Bay"
Oil   12" X 16"

Oil   12" X 16"

"Swan Song"
Oil   9" X 12"

"Cool Morning Light"
Oil   12" X 24"

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